If to transfer paradox of chicken and egg to art or process of graphic creation what will be more initially – Talent or School?

 Ability to see and transfer special subjective direct Beauty of the world, the unique view of reality or bases of art business which guarantee an opportunity to transfer all desirable in that form which is a pictorialism standard?

Presently crisis of numerous genres emergence of any egoism is in every possible way welcomed and if earlier in art the good art school was on the first place, then in come, often vanguard variety the idea, a plan and a unique way of transfer which doesn't need the corresponding education is on the first place.

Examples of masters which uniqueness of talent was found by the necessary embodiment in the fine arts and the set had the general recognition: Maurice Vlamink, Maurice Utrillo, Ivan Generalich, Philip Malyavin, Jack Vettriano, Alan Batt, Luke Hollas, Vladimir Solovyyov and many others.

Not exception are also works of the beginning Russian artist Olga Kurzanova who wonderfully has opened in herself an improbable resource for creativity have found the necessary direction for realization of the feelings and ideas.

And, as a result, I have created a set of bright cloths, without having vocational art education and experience.

Inspiration with a sort from Paris

Salvador Dalí was always an ardent propagandist of need of art education as bases of future creativity, and great P. Gauguin was genius self-educated person. Most likely, in this dispute everyone will come to an own conclusion.

Visit of the museum "d’ of D'Orsay" of Paris in 2011 became a starting point in Olga Kurzanova's creativity, according to her.
 Museum "d’ of D'Orsay" as the largest treasury of fine and applied art of impressionism and postimpressionism has woken and has helped Olga to open with itself an opportunity to create most in a similar genre.

Olga continues to address experience of great artists to this day, finding in them an improbable source of inspiration, but during creation of cloths the artist relies only on own ideas and feelings, trying to report by paint the view of the world.


Pleasure creativity.
As important it is also useful to travel! What sometimes there are fatal and turning points in life.
Olga – the human and art phenomenon. Endured experience: life in a big family, happy marriage, a victory over cancer – became the beginning of the birth of the New original Author and the New phenomenon in painting – ART SLEEPWALKING.
After a victory over a dreadful disease, Olga's family began to notice that since morning in their house, from nowhere, sketches and sketches appear. It was magic, by miracle! Nobody could understand and explain an origin and emergence of bright pictorial works until once Olga's husband has incidentally woken up and has seen how Olga in a condition of the sleep-walker draws.
So at Olga very unusual works began to appear: bright, positive, various on subject. On the sketches in the afternoon, she embodied on a canvas what has come in dream to her at night.Olga is the big creative person who is in continuous search, the movement. Very much loves a palette knife for his expression and vivacity of execution.

Kurzanova Olga Semenovna is the Author who has brought in our daily occurrence "… both life, and tears, and love" and an inspiration celebration, and pleasure of festive perception, and sharp feeling of new opening. Its "art sleepwalking"---the new, kind word in painting. Progress to Olga in comprehension of beauty and harmony of the world.

 Art critic Elena Surova

 Information on the author
Kurzanova Olga was born in Moscow.
I have begun to write only in 2011, without having behind shoulders of art education. Visit of the museum D‘ Orsay in Paris in March, 2011 was an incitement to the beginning of creativity.
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